Canadian Security Pioneer – The Ron Minion Award


The Canadian Security Industry Pioneer award was established in the late ‘90s to recognize the contributions of ASIS Canadian members who had distinguished themselves through their contribution to the growth and professionalism in the security industry. The security practitioners that initiated the award not only considered the contributions that individuals made to the Canadian Security Industry and to ASIS International in Canada, but also to ASIS International globally.

Ron Minion, CPP, was the first recipient of the award in 1999. Ron was instrumental in bringing ASIS to Canada. He along with others primarily in western Canada worked tirelessly to establish the first Chapter in Edmonton and then in Calgary. Sadly, Ron passed away after a courageous battle with ALS also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. In his honor, the award has been re-named as the “CANADIAN SECURITY INDUSTRY PIONEER – The Ron Minion Award”.

It is anticipated that each Chapter will put forward a nomination for this award. The award will be presented at the Region 6 Annual General Meeting and/or the ASIS International, Annual Seminar.

In addition to the criteria specified on the Nomination Form it is suggested that each submission include the following points. This information will assist the selection committee in making their choice for this year’s recipient. These include:

Number of years of membership in ASIS International.

Number of Years CPP, PSP or PCI certified. If more than one designation, specify.

Has the nominee served on the ASIS Group 6 Leadership team in Canada? i.e. served as an SRVP, RVP or ARVP, if so, provide details.

Number of years as a Chapter Chairperson or other Chapter Executive. Be specific.

Did the nominee serve as a Chapter Committee Chair? Provide details.

Has the nominee served on an ASIS International Standing Committee, Board or Foundation?

Service on the Board of Directors for ASIS International.

Has the nominee provided presentations at security conferences or the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits? If so, provide details and dates.

List security publications or articles written for national publications.

The nomination, when completed, should include all of the nominee’s accomplishments and clearly demonstrate why the candidate is deserving of the nomination.

All nomination submissions are to be sent to the SRVP.  An Award Selection Committee will be chosen by the SRVP to review all nomination submissions and select the successful nominee.

The Award Selection Committee will have no less than three members. The members would ideally represent Region 6 geographically and either have an ASIS certification and/or be a past Ron Minion Award winner.

ASIS International – Group 6 – The Ron Minion Award 


1999 – Ron Minion, CPP
2000 – Denis O’Sullivan, CPP
2001 – Patrick Bishop, CPP
2002 – Dennis Shepp, CPP
2003 – Phill Banks, CPP
2004 – Howard Moster, CPP
2005 – David Tyson, CPP
2006 – Roger Maslen, CPP
2007 – John Rankin, CPP
2008 – Gary Vikanes, CPP
2009 – John Grady, CPP
2010 – Greg Hurd, CPP

2011 – Chris McColm, CPP
2012 – Bill Bradshaw, CPP
2013 – Geoff Frisby, PCI, CPP
2014 – Christina Duffey, CPP
2015 – Dan Popowich, CPP
2015 – Dr. Wayne Boone, CPP
2016 – Patrick Ogilvie, PSP, CPP
2017 – Parnell Lea
2018 – Marie Thibodeau
2019 – William Van Ryswyk, CPP
2020 – Stephane Veilleux, CPP
2021 - Mark Folmer, CPP

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