Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace


The training will help managers and employees to develop skills in identifying and intervening with people suffering from mental illness or behavior disorder in the workplace. What participants will learn: Explore Mental Health Awareness in an interactive way, recognize common signs and symptoms, be able to respond and support. Look after your own mental well-being via self-assessments, exercises, and useful resources.  Feel more at ease when talking about mental health through an exercise and a detailed infographic. Attendees will learn conversation tips, useful phrases and expressions, and ways to start a conversation and offer support.   

Assessing Domestic and International Global Risk: Is it Safe to do Business There?


How do you assess risk when evaluating where to expand globally? Are there effective tools available? This panel session will focus on real-world experience and applications of both domestic and international risk assessment in a variety of applications. Topics will include trends in terrorism and transnational organized crime, real-world examples of retail, government and transportation security as well as the consequences of final decisions. Security professionals responsible to provide recommendations, reports or implement mitigation strategies will benefit from the experience of the panel including mitigation strategies to add resilience to systems.

Advanced Concepts in Business Continuity and Crisis Management


You've got a business continuity plan. It's reviewed, tested, maintained, and updated. Maybe you've even got some metrics that you report. That's great. But, have you asked yourself two critical questions: In a crisis, am I recoverable? And, how do I deliver value absent a crisis?

This presentation looks at the critical link between Business Continuity and Crisis Management and challenges the notion that traditional plans are equivalent to readiness. Rather, I propose that security managers are in a unique position to drive value to their organization throughout a CM/BC planning process (not just at the end, or when something bad happens), and offer strategies for doing so.