Getting Back to Basics on Cyber Hardening Safety and Security Systems


The convergence of cyber and physical security has never been more important as more security devices are added to a network.  

This session will focus on cybersecurity best practices for physical security implementations. The panel will include an open discussion on the fundamentals of cyber hardening multi-vendor integrated solutions, the goal of “base” level system hardening and how to address complications across cyber hardening settings in a multi-vendor platform. Attendees will hear real-life examples of applying individual cyber hardening guide setting across a unified surveillance system from camera to VMS through computing and storage as well as general lessons learned, best practices, pros and cons, and where to get assistance.

Spies in the Supply Chain


Business espionage is the largest monetary threat and adverse business impact that businesses face in the 21st Century. Given the high consequences, it is important that all businesses understand the best ways to protect themselves from business espionage. This will help you determine how to develop a good protective program and the best countermeasures.


ASIS Calgary 35th Annual Golf Tournament

Lynx Ridge Golf Club 8 Lynx Ridge Boulevard, Calgary

Restrictions are lifting, people are gathering and it's finally that time of year again to joins ASIS 162 for a fun afternoon of golf!

$197.28 – $398.85

ASIS Manitoba/CANASA Golf Tournament

Venue TBD Windsor

Once again. the ASIS Manitoba Chapter is working to partner with CANASA in planning our 
annual ASIS/CANASA Golf Tournament at the Glendale Golf & Country Club in Winnipeg, MB. At 
the time of writing it is understood that Public Health Orders and COVID-19 Restrictions may 
prevent us from scheduling this event. However, we remain hopeful that the event can be held 
as the vaccination rollout continues and the number of cases diminishes - more details to follow.

Advanced Concepts in Business Continuity and Crisis Management


You've got a business continuity plan. It's reviewed, tested, maintained, and updated. Maybe you've even got some metrics that you report. That's great. But, have you asked yourself two critical questions: In a crisis, am I recoverable? And, how do I deliver value absent a crisis?

This presentation looks at the critical link between Business Continuity and Crisis Management and challenges the notion that traditional plans are equivalent to readiness. Rather, I propose that security managers are in a unique position to drive value to their organization throughout a CM/BC planning process (not just at the end, or when something bad happens), and offer strategies for doing so.